Ohio State University Doctoral Programs

The Ohio State University is defined as one of the leading public research university. One of the general characteristics of The Ohio State University is that the university offers highest percentage of Doctoral degree. 90 Doctoral programs are offered by The Ohio State University. The Ohio State University doctoral programs or the PhD programs are designed maintaining the tradition of excellence. One can have an enriching doctoral degree experience because The Ohio State University assures upgraded resources and facilities. The Ohio State University constantly tries and strengthens the existing doctoral programs rather than increasing their number.

Almost 45 doctoral programs under the university have been regarded as of high quality. Several colleges under The Ohio State University offers doctoral programs. Like The College of Biological Sciences has five departments for doctoral programs. The Fisher College of Business offers three doctoral PhD or doctoral programs. The College of Social Work offers PhD degree in Social Work. The Ohio State University College of Medicine & Public Health, College of Dentistry and Graduate School and College of Pharmacy also offers PhD degrees. The Ohio State University’s Department of Political Science provides one of the best doctoral programs in political science. Department of English at the Ohio State University provides PhD degree in English. The doctoral program in English mainly concentrates in literature, rhetoric and composition and creative writing.

Some of the Doctoral Programs offered by The Ohio State University:

  • PhD in Business Administration that includes International Business, Marketing & Logistics, Operations Management, Decision Sciences
  • PhD in Accounting
  • PhD in Labor & Human Resources
  • PhD in English that specializes in professional training for literary artists, teachers and scholars
  • PhD in Social Work
  • PhD in Political Science
  • PhD in English
  • PhD in Dentistry and oral biology
  • PhD in Translational Science
  • PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Administration
  • PhD in Social Psychology
  • PhD in Dentistry
  • PhD in Veterinary Medicine
  • PhD in Biological Sciences

The Doctoral programs in the field of astronomy, political science, linguistics, pharmacy, chemical and biomolecular engineering, business specializations, materials science and engineering, veterinary biosciences have been regarded as high quality.

The Ohio State University which is renowned as one of the top-most research institutions gives more emphasis on theory as well as practical approach. In all the doctoral programs a clear research agenda is set. Students and faculty interaction ratio is relatively high and the students also get the scope of working closely with their faculty. Students are expected to pursue the Doctoral Programs at The Ohio State University on full time basis.