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Pastoral ministry is a part of the religious studies where the students or learner is taught about the philosophy of servant’s orientation and the practical instruction in ministry. If you are interested in the religious aspects and the reasoning and comparison in this field, then opt for the Online Pastoral Ministry Degree to get knowledge as well as acquire information on the biblical passages and its critical analysis. Here we will be discussing about the various aspects of Online Pastoral Ministry Degree. To get information on the Online Pastoral Ministry Degree, browse through the page.

In the study the pastoral ministry course, the learner is prepared so that he can serve the body of Christ in ministry. Apart from this, he is also taught about the various ministry-related vocations, of which the primary work within institution is to serve the Body of Christ. Other works range from pastoral leadership and administration to evangelism. There are many institutes that offer courses on the pastoral ministry degree. In this course, the students are helped with good study material on proclamation that is reflective of an understanding of principles of sermon preparation and persuasion, pastoral counseling with individual and small group ministries, the organization and administration of persons for pastoral care and the practices of corporate worship.

The online degree of pastoral ministry comprises of the following courses:

Bachelor level Courses in pastoral ministry: Introduction to Death & Dying, Psychosocial Aspects of Death & Dying, Needs of the Dying, Death & Mourning, Sociology of Death and Dying, Ministry to the Dying, End of Life Issues, Dying and Spirituality, Advanced Issues in Death and Dying, Spiritual Pastoral Care for the Dying

Master Level Courses for pastoral ministry: Cultural Issues in Death and Dying, Ethics in Pastoral Care, Pastoral Care of Families, Spirituality in Pastoral Counseling, pastoral Care of the Dying Practicum

The universities where you will get to avail the online degree course for pastoral ministry are Griggs University, Brescia University, National American University, Event University, and Sterling College etc.

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