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By divinity, we generally mean the different faiths and belief systems within a given faith on the transcendent power and its attributes. If you want to acquire a master degree in divinity, then there are various colleges and universities that offer good academic courses. You can also avail the online degree course of the universities on divinity. Online courses are getting good response and acceptance in this new age of technological developments. Here we will be discussing about the various Online Degrees in Divinity.

There are many colleges and universities that offer long term as well as short term courses on divinity. You can apply for the one that suits you in accordance to your need and convenience. The names of the universities where you will get programs of Online Degrees in Divinity are Canyon College and Global University. The course consists of individual research and independent incorporation of the student. The activities make the learner responsive towards their spiritual and intellectual aspects of multiple cultures which help the student to think critically and reflectively.

Opting for online degree course in divinity has its own benefits. The facilities that you can avail at the online degree in divinity include own schedule learning, no need to travel to campus, own pace learning, availability of courses 24/7, study at places as you wish, read materials online or download them, variety of courses to meet your needs etc. On top of these, you also get to choose from a lot of colleges and universities that will suit your need and budget. Some of the courses that are available online for degree in divinity of Christianity are as follows:

Core Courses: DV510 – Foundations of Christianity, DV530 – Christian Social Ethics, DV540 – History of Christianity II, DV560 – Proclaiming the Word of God II, DV570 – Ecclesiology

Track Courses: DV545 – Church History III, DV550 – Understanding Theology, DV571 – Systematic Theology I, DV590 – Understanding the New Testament, DV625 – The Problem of Pain, DV660 – Christian Worship, DV665 – Scripture As Source of Prayer

Electives: DV500 – Pauline Theology, DV525 – Between and After the Testaments, DV610 – The Global Context of Ministry, DV615 – Eastern Orthodoxy, DV630 – The Writings of C.S. Lewis, DV710 – Pastoral Care and Counseling

To opt for online master degree in divinity, you will have to be a graduate in theology or religious studies.

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