Online Programming Degrees

Online programming degrees are well suited for students in their pre-university years as well as working professionals in the field of computer applications. Online programming degrees come in various packages. Students enrolling for online degree courses in programming can make their choice of online degree course according to their existing educational qualification, areas of interest and level of experience (for experienced persons). Students can go for online associate degree courses in programming, online bachelor degree courses in programming and online Ph. D degrees in programming.

Online Associate Degree in Programming

Online associate degree in programming is offered by a number colleges and universities. Peirce College and Baker College Online are two of the reputed institutions offering online associate degree courses in programming.

The online programming course offered by Peirce College is an Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology which emphasizes upon Programming & Application Development. Students are taught basic computer concepts, programming fundamentals, data communications, and the Visual Basic programming language with the use of Microsoft .NET technology. Students are required to complete a minimum of 61 credits in order to earn an associate degree from Peirce College.

The online associate degree in programming offered by Baker College Online includes programming and systems analysis and design developed under the Sun/Java Academic Initiative in its curriculum. The online programming course emphasizes upon instruction with the Java programming language and also includes C++ and Visual Basic programming concepts.

Online Bachelor Degrees in Programming

Those interested in a career in programming, can also go for an online bachelor’s degree course in programming and computer applications. Both American Sentinel University and Strayer University offer bachelor’s degree program in computer applications and programming.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in American Sentinel University specializes on Game Programming that prepares students with a thorough understanding the field of computer science and specialized knowledge of game programming. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is well suited for those of you are interested in entering the game programming field. The online degree is general degree in computer science that is almost like a passport for a job in computer science.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems – Programming offered by Strayer University is ideally suited for programmer, system analyst and professionals in database management. The course content of the online bachelor’s degree in programming covers areas such as Database Developer, Networking, Homeland Security and Information Systems, Database Management, Internetworking Technology, Programming, Security Administration, Computer Security and Web Development.

Online Ph. D Degrees in Programming

The online Ph.D. in Information Technology usually comes with a specialization in Programming. The online programming degree is aimed at developing expertise at different areas of computer applications such as program logic, machine language, and debugging and conducts in-depth research in the field of computer programming. Some of the renowned universities offering an online Ph.D. in programming are Alliant International University, American InterContinental University Online, American Sentinel University, Arizona State University, Boston University and Bryant & Stratton College.

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