Online PhD Degrees

Online PhD Degrees

PhD or doctorate degree is one of the most prestigious education degrees that people always dream of getting. PhD or doctorate degrees are offered on a wide variety of subjects and there are thousands of internationally reputed colleges, universities and higher education institutions that offer these degree programs. PhD or doctorate degree is actually a post graduate degree and apart from theoretical studies, this higher educational course include practical experiences like doing research and preparing thesis as well. PhD is a long time course and generally students take four to six years to pass all the semesters. If you are a graduate you may also opt for pursuing a PhD course from a reputed university. Yes it is true that the course fee for PhD degrees are huge but you don’t need to worry much as there are large number of financial service providing organizations all over the world that offer education loan to people for pursuing higher studies. And pursuing PhD course has become even easier these days as lot of reputed colleges and universities are offering online PhD degrees to students. People who have the dream of pursuing PhD degree from internationally reputed universities but do not have that financial strength to bear the cost of traveling abroad for attending classes can now get their doctorate degrees sitting at home, thanks to the rapid progress of science and technology.

Yes it is now possible for you to pursue PhD course from a reputed university sitting at your home. Even if you are a professional and have quit studying a long time back you may opt for doing an online PhD degree course from a reputed educational institution because for doing so there is no need to travel abroad and attend regular classes nor anybody needs to spend money for buying books from book stall. The process is very simple. For pursuing an online PhD degree course you just need to have an internet connection at your home. Just decide from where you want to pursue your course, pay the course fees and other related charges and get everything from the internet. You just need to click on the website of the institution you have enrolled your name in and you will find everything there. Study materials and training tutorials are available on the websites of your institution and you just need to download it in your computer. Semester exams for online PhD degree courses are also held online so you can appear for it sitting in your home. Exams are held at regular intervals and you just need to answer your paper online. And after completion of your course you can submit your research paper online too.

In the recent times online PhD degrees have facilitated large number of students all over the world to fulfill their dream of getting a doctoral degree and that’s why more and more universities are offering these courses.

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The doctoral student takes advanced courses in a chosen field, usually in small seminars or independent studies. The coursework typically takes three to four semesters of full-time study. Once the coursework is complete, the doctoral candidate must pass written and/or oral doctoral qualifying exams, proving that they have sufficient background to proceed with independent research.

The qualifying exam is given by the candidate’s committee, usually three to five professors in the candidate’s program who agree to guide the candidate’s research. The Ph.D. candidate then pursues original research and writes a book-length thesis or dissertation. Once the dissertation is complete, the candidate must orally defend its conclusions before the committee. When the candidate successfully defends and deposits the finished dissertation with the university, the title “doctor” has been earned.


Because the doctorate is an elite degree, program accreditation is a serious concern. Even the U.S. government has been taken in by diploma mills posing as legitimate advanced degree-granting institutions. The prospective student should carefully assess the credentials of any university before committing to a lengthy and difficult program of doctoral study. Any school offering a quick and easy Ph.D. shouldn’t be taken seriously, and it certainly shouldn’t get any of the student’s hard-earned money.

Only accredited programs of study can grant a meaningful doctorate, an advanced degree that is recognized by professional organizations, board of licensure, and potential employers. Both the degree-granting university and its accrediting agencies must be carefully checked with the U.S. Department of Education.


Mentoring is a crucial part of doctoral study, whether the student is pursuing the Ph.D. or another doctorate degree. Faculty who first teach and then form the candidate’s committee also write the letters of recommendation that eventually get the candidate a job. In essence, the candidate borrows the prestige of the scholars who serve on the committee and write on his or her behalf. One of the lessons of doctoral study is: Work with the best people.


While the Ph.D. may be sufficient as a credential, professional affiliation–membership in organizations of fellow experts in one’s field–is necessary for career advancement. Before committing to a program of doctoral study, it’s a good idea to see if the program has the stamp of approval of the professional organizations in that field.

Some doctor of philosophy degrees and other doctorates require additional licensure before their degree holders can actually practice the profession for which they’ve trained. A Ph.D. or PsyD in psychology, for example, isn’t sufficient to qualify its holder to set up a counseling practice. Where licensing will eventually be necessary, the doctoral degree seeker should make sure that the degree program is recognized by the licensing agency before investing time and money in it.


Even leaving aside the “first professional” doctoral degrees–the J.D. (juris doctor) in law and the M.D. in medicine–the doctorate still takes many forms and has many variations. Online doctoral degree programs, with few exceptions, require as much as a year of residency and/or field work or other clinical experience. Some fields require supervised practicums leading to licensure.

Here are a few of the most popular doctorates that are available online:


Both the Ph.D. in Psychology and the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) can be pursued through online study. The former is sometimes considered a research and teaching degree while the latter is considered a counseling degree, there are no hard and fast rules as to which is which. Sub-specialties include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, or organizational psychology.


As a general rule, the Ph.D. in Education prepares graduates for academic teaching or administrative careers whereas the Ed.D. prepares primary and secondary school administrators or teachers in academic departments of education. ENGINEERING (PhD; DCS)

Ph.D.s in many branches of engineering can be pursued through distance learning. Popular areas of study include computer science (sometimes called a Doctor of Computer Science or DCS), electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. Some programs award a Doctor of Engineering degree (D.Eng).


Doctoral degrees in public health prepare graduates for administrative or research careers in community health or related social health fields, including epidemiology. The Doctor of Public Health degree (DPH) usually emphasizes public health policy studies.


The Ph.D. in business or the Doctor of Business Administration degree prepares graduates for research and teaching positions in business.

Regardless of the chosen field of study, a doctoral program is challenging and deeply satisfying. Doctoral researchers take their places in the global intellectual community. The doctorate degree holder both creates new knowledge and shares that knowledge with professional peers at conferences and with the public through writing, media, and public presentations. Those with doctorates shape the world in which we all live and help us understand it.

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