Oil & Gas Online Courses

Oil & Gas Online Courses have gained enormous importance in the recent years. Many students are yearning for a career in the field of oil and gas. The study of oil and gas engineering is very interesting. A good number of institutions offer Oil & Gas Online Courses. These online degree courses in oil and gas impart knowledge regarding chemical handling, drilling, seismology, as well as risk management and effective resource utilization. Oil & Gas Online Courses are very helpful for students in their pre-university years. They can earn a professional degree in oil and gas without having to spare extra years for it after graduation. Online courses in oil and gas are also well suited for working professionals in this field who are unable to attend a classroom lecture on oil and gas engineering.

Course content for Oil & Gas Online Courses

Most online courses in oil & gas emphasize on the knowledge of oil and gas deposits or fields, proper drilling techniques and also touch upon the risk factors. Some of the subjects included in oil and gas syllabi include Chemical Handling, Risk Assessment or Job Safety Analysis, Environmental Awareness, Manual Handling, Electrical Safety, Noise Awareness and Hazard Awareness. Some universities also include other areas of knowledge like Chemistry, Geophysics, and Seismology, plate tectonics, drilling methodology, resource recovery techniques and well placement theory.

Colleges and Universities Offering Online Oil & Gas courses

A number of colleges and other educational institutions offer online courses in oil and gas. Some of the well known colleges and universities offering online oil and gas courses are Pennsylvania State University, Robert Gordon University, Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University.

Online degree course in oil and gas offered by Texas Tech University is a Masters degree in Science of Petroleum Engineering. The online degree course is well suited for students with a knack or flair for petroleum engineering. Online degree course in oil and gas offered by Texas Tech University is also a good option for those interested in working in the research or development segments. The online program equips students to assume responsibility in the core technical and managerial areas in the oil and gas industry. Online degree course in oil and gas offered by Texas Tech University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Robert Gordon University offers an online masters degree in oil and gas engineering. The Master of Science in Oil & Gas Engineering is a full one-year course. The part-time and online modes for master’s degree in oil and gas engineering degree course can be completed in a span of 2-3 years. Students are also allowed the additional flexibility of studying up to 5 years. Students come out with a Postgraduate Certificate in Oil & Gas Engineering, an MSc in Oil & Gas Engineering or Postgraduate Diploma in Oil & Gas Engineering.

Pennsylvania State University offers an online Masters degree in Engineering in Oil and Gas Engineering Management. The online degree course in oil and gas is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The program which is a synergy of Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences and the Department of Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering is concentrates on reservoir engineering, porous media flow dynamics, production engineering and gas transmission processing.

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