Online Forensic Science Degrees

Are you interested in science and criminal justice? Then, you can apply to acquire forensic science degrees. Based on your educational aims, you might opt for an associate degree in forensic science or Genetic Engineering with a specialty in forensic science or a bachelors of science in forensic Science. You can even apply for Master Degree in forensic science. Several universities worldwide offer forensic science degrees . If you do not have the time to go to the university in person, you can apply for online degrees. Even online PHD degree on Forensic Science is also offered by some of the reputed universities.

Online forensic science degrees: Florida International University

Florida International University, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, provides an online Master of Science in Forensic Science. This interdisciplinary program is based on specific topic modules. The university provides online course notes, images, case studies and animations to the registered students. The students are also able to access the e-journals and UF library materials. Assessment is done by conducting semester. One person can apply for more than one online degree course in forensic science.

National University

Like Florida International University, National University provides online forensic science degrees. The attorneys, law enforcement personnels and investigators generally apply for for online Master of Arts in Forensic Sciences in the National University.

International Forensic Research Institute

International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI) offers master degree in Forensic Science. The applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in Natural Science. They must also have a good grasp on English language because English is the medium of instruction. As far as the degree requirements are concerned, the Master of Science in Forensic Science comprises of minimum 32 credits. These include a thesis based on the original research of the student.

American InterContinental University Online

People who are willing to pursue a online degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Forensic Science can register themselves in American InterContinental University Online. This particular course in Forensic Science prepares the applicants to gain expertise in criminal justice, law adjudication, criminology, juvenile justice processes and law enforcement. The main objectie of this program is to help the students in becoming criminal justice experts.

Ashworth University

Like all the above mentioned universities, the Ashworth university also offers online degree in Forensic science at different levels. The Ashworth University recognizes both Master Degree and PHD degree in Forensic Science. The coursework varies in accordance with the chosen degree. However, the students applying for master degree or PHD in Forensic Science must be strong in Mathematics and Science subjects, especially in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They also mus have a good knowledge in Statistics.

University of Central Florida

If you want to pursue an online Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry – Forensic Science Track, you can approach the University of Central Florida online. This course helps one to be successful as a supervisory personnel in DNA sections of crime laboratories.

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