Online Degrees in Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapy widely known as Creative arts therapy as well, has developed as a lucrative career option of many individuals worldwide. Initially expressive art degrees were offered on- campus. But with the development of technology and rise in demand several expressive therapy universities have started to offer world class online degrees in expressive therapy at affordable fees.

Individuals, who have a passion to serve the human beings with an intention to heal, can take up online degrees in expressive therapy. The expressive therapy is a phenomenon in which variety of creative arts are used to heal human beings. The students can choose a specific artistic expression and study its nuances elaborately through the online degrees in expressive therapy.

Gone are the days when you had to be a part of the educational campus which offered degrees on expressive therapies. Expressive therapy is such an art form in which the human mind, body and soul is examined by tapping the imagination of an individual.
The educational institutes which offer Online degrees in expressive therapy are listed beneath:

The National Institute of Expressive therapy

The National Institute of Expressive Therapy is a premier institution which offers a wide variety of online degrees in expressive therapy to students across the world. They have specially customized 1 and 2 years online degree courses which finally lead to certification. The students can also enroll for online short courses or non credit courses.

The eligibility criteria for taking online courses at the National Institute of expressive therapy are student friendly. The student doesn’t require an advanced academic qualification for enrollment. After the successful completion of the graduate program, application for the certification can be forwarded.

A closer look at the different programs on offer here will help you to choose the right kind of course. The 1 year online program in Expressive Arts therapy focuses on traditional arts and interpersonal dynamics. The course is divided into two semesters. The first semester has the following subjects:

  • A Wellness Model for Expressive Arts Therapists
  • Materials and Methods in Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Murals and Other Group Activities for Use With Young Children
  • Dance, Drumming and Theater As Methods of Transformation With Troubled Adolescents
  • Writing As A Therapy

The second semester is more focused on seminars and supervised practice sessions along with more intricate subjects. The students have to study:

  • Working With Dreams
  • Uses of Meditation, Relaxation and Guided Imagery to Relieve Stress
  • Mandalas, Masks and Sandtray: A Jungian Perspective
  • Cooking As Therapy
  • Supervised Practicum in Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Integration Seminar

The two year online program has four semesters and emphasizes on usage of contemporary arts. Papers like Cross Cultural expressive Therapy and expressive Therapy with couples, families, Groups , children and adolescents gives you a proper insight on all kinds of human behavior and the ways of dealing with them.

The variety of short courses and non credit courses offered at the institute can also be studied online via e- mails, video sharings and other online modes of communication.

Online Degree Courses