Online Catholic Degrees

Online education is the latest craze that have enabled individuals from various parts of the globe to choose from a wide number of courses. Along with the professional courses, there are also a myriad of general courses available for the interested students and working professionals. Among these, theology is such a subject that are offered in most of the accredited online colleges. Students interested in theology can acquire theology degrees online from a wide number of accredited online colleges all over the world. Online Catholic Degrees are the part of the theology degrees also. Students interested in making a career in theology or simply interested in religious studies can go for the online Catholic degrees. In various accredited online colleges all over the world, students can enroll for a degree in divinity.

There are several institutions that offers Online Catholic Degrees. Some of these are:

Catholic Distance University

The Catholic Distance University or CDU strives to offer a deeper understanding and knowledge of teachings and messages of Christianity. The mission of this university is to offer its students systematically the religious messages of Sacred Scripture and also the living Tradition of the Church. It also teaches the authentic Magisterium and offers knowledge on the spiritual heritage of the Fathers, Doctors, and Saints.

CDU strives to expand its teachings and knowledge through its students worldwide. Students here get supports of the Roman Catholic Church as well to acquire an in depth knowledge of the subjects 6that they have enrolled for. This university serves the Catholics willing and interested to quench their thrist for a deeper knowledge and faith in the religion as well to achieve professional developments. In CDU, non-Catholics are also welcome who want to learn more about the Catholic Church and the religion. There are both degree and non-degree programs which uses several distance education techniques and technologies. CDU is certified to grant Online Catholic Degrees, by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia. Since the year 1983, this university has got the officially approval from the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy as a Catechetical Institute authorized to grant the Catechetical Diploma through the online education mode.

Catholic University of America

This is another renowned institution that offers Online Catholic Degrees. It enjoys regional accreditation from Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools which is also called MSACHE and from also the Commission on Higher Education. This university runs 170 online programs on several subjects among which Theology is one very popular subject. There are nineteen highly recognized Online Catholic Degrees that the students or other people can apply from according to their choices. Some of these are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Bible Studies (Degree Completion)
  • Associate in Christian Studies
  • AA in Church Ministry (Degree Completion)
  • BA in Transformational Christian Ministry (Degree Completion
  • Master of Religious Education Chaplaincy
  • MA in Christian Leadership
  • Master of Divinity
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • MA in Worship Studies
  • AA in Religion
  • BS in Religion
  • BA in Liberal Studies – Religion, Spirituality and Holistic Studies