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Every student knows that earning their education is one of the biggest and most important investments in their life. There are wide variety of convenient online degrees in business, nursing, health care, criminal justice, accounting,information technology and even online B.U.S degrees.

The Bachelor of University Studies or online B.U.S degrees program presents to the highly motivated. It gives part-time student an opportunity to coordinate the offerings of the Continuing Education Division (C.E.D.) and Summer Session into an individually planned degree program. This program is designed specifically and solely for part-time evening students.

The College of University Studies offers Bachelor of University Studies degree which is a baccalaureate degree program. Each online B.U.S degrees is tailored made to meet the unique requirements of a particular student. Annually on an the average, NDSU(North Dakota State University)grants between 20 and 30 such degrees. Each online B.U.S Degrees plan is designed with the help of student under the guidance from an academic adviser which is later approved by a committee composed of representatives of the campus.

The objective of the online B.U.S degrees is to provide a unique, non traditional degree to the students. It has been seen that the goals and objectives cannot be met via a traditionally established academic major or minor. The flexibility in this program allows the students to meet individual and career goals. This degree is not designed to replace any existing NDSU major, and all students should have an existing major from the campus when such a major is available. Upon completion of this degree, no major, minor, option, or area of concentration is highlighted on the transcript or the diploma of a BUS degree student.

This online B.U.S degrees is housed under University College. It is an option where students complete all courses required in the University core curriculum and design an individual 36 plus credits-study plan leading to a bachelor’s degree. The study plans may be combined from two academic programs or departments to reflect a unique major or minor combination or they may be theme based for example law enforcement and draw courses from as many as four UNM (University of New Mexico) departments.

Like all other colleges, the online B.U.S degrees has specific admissions requirements. The Students must have 26 or more hours of earned credit applicable to the B.U.S program, a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA(grade point average) or higher and a demonstrated competence in English writing to be eligible for the this online program.

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