Online Animation Degrees

Do you want to see your creative work on television and films? Do you love to draw cartoons? If you want to convert your 2-dimensional cartoon figures in to real characters then you can venture the field of animation with animation degrees. Apart from traditional form of education you can also earn animation degrees online.

While achieving animation degrees you will learn how to combine visual effects and live action so that you can transform a 2D object into 3D object. Animation is purely based on creativity of the animator. The online animation degrees will teach you the technology and the art of creating animated objects. There are plenty of softwares in the market that are used in animation. With proper education and animation degrees you will also learn how to use these softwares. The degree in animation will also help you to get into the animation industry. While a student of animation you will learn life drawing, laws of human motion, application of audiovisual effect to an animated project as well as psychology and rendering techniques.

Universities Offering Online Animation Degrees

There are plenty of universities and colleges offering degrees in animation. Some of the well known schools offering online animation degrees include Kaplan University, Rasmussen College, Art Institute Online as well as Westwood College. Westwood College offers various online degrees in animation with collaboration with animation business organizations. You can earn your online animation degrees as associate degree in animation and online bachelor degree in animation. Online degrees help you to acquire all the necessary skills to become a successful animator. You can also undergo Bachelor of Science in animation or Bachelor of Science in media arts and animation. The coursework are so set up that you do it over the computer at your convenient time.

The online animation degrees are flexible mode of learning. You need not have to visit to classes regularly; instead you can utilize that time working as an apprentice with a multimedia artist to gain practical experience in the field.

Online Animation Courses

Subjects that you will study while earning your animation degree include game animation, computer aided software programs, video game animation and so on. After successful completion of an animation degree you can definitely give your career a great start. There is no fixed salary structure for an animator, but remuneration increases with perfection, experience and animation skills.

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Online Degree Courses