Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational Safety & Health is a cross-disciplinary field that is focused on the health, welfare and safety of people, especially working individuals. It is also partly and indirectly related with employers, suppliers, customers, family members, co-workers or other persons who are affected by the environment of the workplaces. Safety of the workers and the workplaces is the primary concern of the Occupational Safety & Health professionals. They are engaged in different types of functions. But the most essential part of their duties comprises building’s safety, screening an office for demanding work environment and assisting employees for their on-the-job injuries. The entire focus of the experts and professionals is on the safety of the employees.

According to a research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2004, it is estimated that the Occupational Safety & Health experts received a mean income of about 53,110 US dollars every year. Moreover, the bureau also reported that the jobs offered in this particular field would also increase by about 13.2% around 2012. So, if you are interested you can join one of the Occupational Safety & Health programs and receive a degree online. An appropriate degree is essential for pursuing a career in the safety and health related organizations. However, it is not always possible to attend classes at the university after office or simultaneously with your job. Hence, it’s better if you can study online and get a degree from an esteemed online college or university.

After receiving the degree on Occupational Safety & Health you can work in a number of environments from business organizations to chemical factories. Most of the jobs are government-related but you can also look for jobs in different departments or even work as an independent consultant. Courses that you need to join for working as an Occupational Safety & Health professional comprise environmental education, public speaking, psychology and biology. A graduate can opt for the jobs of industrial hygienist, loss control officer and ergonomist after the completion of the course.

Some of the universities and colleges that offer online Occupational Safety & Health degree include:

  • Boston University – Online,
  • Columbia Southern University,
  • Concordia University – Wisconsin,
  • Barton Community College Online,
  • Community Colleges of Colorado and
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
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