Gerontology Degree

Are you interested to reveal facts about aging? Do you want to know why we grow old? You can opt for learning Gerontology. If you do not have scope to attend regular classes for pursuing your study you can opt for online courses that offer Gerontology degree. Through this course you can explore the causes of becoming old. Three major aspects are covered as the vital causes for our old age. Psychological, social and biological reasons are examined in the study of Gerontology. For online degrees courses on Gerontology you will find several programs. Some of the most prominent are certificate program, doctorate degree, graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Among the top colleges and universities that offer online Gerontology degree you will find Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Wisconsin, University of Washington, University of Southern California, University of North Texas, University of Florida, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Laurentian University of Canada, Kansas State University, Fort Hays State University, Florida Atlantic University, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Bellevue University.

University of Southern California:

University of Southern California through its section of “Leonard Davis School of Gerontology” provides master degree program on Gerontology. You will find that the university offers two master degree programs for Gerontology. The two courses for Gerontology degree are entirely based on web. You can opt either for the MLTCA whose full form is Master of Long Term Care Administration or Master of Arts in Gerontology whose abbreviate form is MAG.

University of Wisconsin:

You can opt for the online degree on Gerontology by the University of Wisconsin. You will find the university is offering online certificate courses in Gerontology. If you want to pursue the profession of educators, primary caregivers and human service providers you can choose the program. “North Central Association of Colleges and Schools” has approved the certificate course of this university.

Virginia Commonwealth University:

For online Gerontology degree you can opt for the Virginia Commonwealth University. It provides scope to make you skilled with the Ph. D. degree. The doctorate course includes programs that focus on Gerontology. You have to spend few days for campus training while pursuing this course of Gerontology from this university. Apart from that you will enjoy the facilities of learning through internet. The degree on Gerontology of this university is approved by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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