Online Geomatics Engineering Degree

The study of the course of Geomatics Engineering or Online Geomatics Engineering Degree is a part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science. The course offered for the study of Geomatics Engineering is Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering. The undergraduate program follows the educational objectives like preparing the graduates with proficiency in application of analytical tools, engineering and basic sciences which promote practical professional excellency in engineering. The Geomatics engineering graduates tend to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the effect Geomatics engineering learning in an economic, environmental global and societal context. In fact Geomatics engineering is the study of dealing with spatial data it includes the works like surveying, geodesy, photogrammetry, mapping, cartography, spatial computing including the elements like GIS, LIS, and AM/FM or Automated/Assets Mapping and Facilities Management and CAD, computer vision etc.

The Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering program under the Online Geomatics Engineering Degree provides a background in mathematical and physical sciences inclusive of a detailed foundation in the measurement sciences GIS, mapping, cadastral systems and different application areas. Within the degree program students can specialize in a variety of disciplines. The available tracks are cadastral surveying, photogrammetry/remote sensing, GIS, LIS, geodetic surveying, transportation, geophysics, mathematics, statistics, and business. One can also pursue the Honors program in geomatics engineering, which includes special honors courses, seminars, and projects. In fact a student can also achieve both the Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degrees simultaneously.

Students who tend to have their professional obligations or due to the distance factor fail to attend regular classes, find the method of online courses for the subjects like Online Geomatics Engineering Degree as the easiest ways to complete their studies in the related field. The materials for the course of Online Geomatics Engineering Degree are sent to the students through e-mails or CDs and CD ROMs which feature information regarding the course and in case of online course the students can interact with their teachers or instructors through mails or through the chat rooms. The course of Online Geomatics Engineering Degree works towards promoting and enabling the students for a better career and that of a secured future. Know more about the interesting course of Online Geomatics Engineering Degree as you read through the pages of offering information about Online Civil Engineering Degrees.

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