Top 100 Film Studies Blogs

Sep 17th, 2009

Are you interested in studying film? If so, you may be considering the possibility of attending a film school or taking one of the many film-related courses available at online colleges. But if you’re just looking to get your feet wet in the film industry before diving into a formal education, you may want to check out the wealth of resources and learning materials to be found on film studies blogs.

In these 100 top film studies blogs, you’ll find reviews, academic criticism, new developments and more. Whether you want to work in film or just love going to the movie, these blogs offer unique insight into the cinema world.


Learn about film in general from these blogs.

  1. Dr. Mabuse’s Kaleido-Scope: Here you’ll find an academic media blog community.
  2. Senses of Cinema: This online journal is devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.
  3. Nick Lacey on Films: Find out what Nick Lacey has to say about films on this blog.
  4. Filmbrain: Filmbrain is like Anna Karina’s sweater.
  5. 20filmwords: 20filmwords writes 20 words in each entry about films.
  6. Kermode Uncut: On Mark Kermode’s movie blog, you’ll read reviews and much more.
  7. Film of the Month Club: Join the Film of the Month Club community to watch and discuss movies online.
  8. Bright Lights After Dark: Bright Lights offers movie analysis, history, and much more.
  9. Truth 24 Frames per Second: Daniel is an unabashed film lover.
  10. Cinema Styles: Greg blogs out of love for film and history.
  11. Cinepinion: Cinepinion offers movie reviews of classic and contemporary cinema.
  12. F L I C K H E A D: This blog offers a look at film that’s informative with an attitude.
  13. Shooting Down Pictures: Shooting Down Pictures is about the 1,000 greatest films of all time.
  14. A Brutal Film Blog: This blogger is frustrated by sentimental films.
  15. Jonathan Rosenbaum: On this blog, Jonathan Rosenbaum shares comments on films and featured texts.
  16. Cinema Salon: Cinema Salon offers thoughtful film criticism.
  17. Tativille: Tativille is a place for cinema and the visual arts.
  18. The Seventh Art: Learn about Camera Obscura, DV filmmaking, and beyond on The Seventh Art.
  19. Blue Collar Film Scholar: The Blue Collar Film Scholar talks to himself about movies.
  20. Filmtalker: Find opinions on film matters around the world from Filmtalker.
  21. Vinyl is Heavy: Vinyl is Heavy asks readers to open your eyes, ears, and nostrils.
  22. House of Mirth and Movies: This blog is written by a young woman searching for understanding and inspiration through film.
  23. Reverse Shot: Read Reverse Shot to find an independently published film journal online.
  24. MediaCommons: MediaCommons is a digital scholarly network.
  25. The Motions of Images: Observe the motions of images and learn from observation on this blog.
  26. Only The Cinema: Only The Cinema is a film viewing diary.
  27. Filmwell: Filmwell takes a look at cinema off the beaten track.
  28. John Kenneth Muir’s Reflections on Film/TV: Film journalist John Kenneth Muir discusses film, television, and nostalgia.
  29. Screenville: Find open source opinions from Harry Tuttle on this blog.
  30. 1 Minute Film Review: 1 Minute Film Review offers short, spoiler-free, and easy to read reviews of movies.
  31. Burnt Retina: Burnt Retina studies the films that linger in your mind.
  32. Ellipsis: Read this blog to find the access of cinema.


These film studies blogs are written by professors, teachers, and university staff.

  1. Category D: Chris Cagle writes this film and media studies blog.
  2. The Chutry Experiment: Read this blog written by Chuch Tryon, an assistant professor of film and media studies at Fayetteville State University.
  3. The Case for Global Film: On this blog, a group of teachers and writers based in the North of England discuss (mostly) everything that isn’t Hollywood.
  4. We Study Film: We Study Film is aimed at students of film and moving image arts.
  5. Kino-Eye: David Tames writes about documentary, new media, and more.
  6. Big Screen, Little Screen: Big Screen, Little Screen aggregates and celebrates film and other media.
  7. Dr. Television: Elana Levine shares her views on television, media, and culture.
  8. Parallax View: Parallax View offers smart words about cinema.
  9. Answering Cinema: Steven Rybin answers the questions films ask.
  10. Bubblegum Aesthetics: This blogger teaches about film, literature, and pop culture at a liberal arts college.
  11. Observations on film art and FILM ART: Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell discuss film art observations on this blog.
  12. Confessions of an Aca-Fan: Henry Jenkins, Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program, writes as both an academic and a fan.
  13. Project Film School: Project Film School offers a weekly freeschool screening series.
  14. zigzigger: Michael Z. Newman’s blog is about the audiovisual and beyond.
  15. Dan North: Dan North’s blog is all about cinema and films he’s teaching.
  16. Planned Obsolescence: English and media studies professor Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s blog is about the disposable nature of consumer capitalist goods.
  17. Media Today and Tomorrow: Joe Turow writes on the cutting edge of change.
  18. Graphic Engine: Bob Rehak writes about special effects, videogames, film, and television.
  19. Just TV: Here you’ll read random thoughts from media scholar Jason Mittell.
  20. Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style: Anne Helen Petersen of the University of Texas gossips about celebrities in an academic way.
  21. African Women in Cinema: On this blog, Beti Ellerson offers a discussion on topics relating to African women in cinema.
  22. Media Industries (and other stuff): On Alisa Perren’s blog, you’ll find links and information for researching and writing about media industries.
  23. Judgmental Observer: Assistant professor of film studies Amanda Ann Klein gives you opinions on film and more.
  24. AS and A2 Film Studies: This blogger teaches film, media, and English Lit.
  25. Digital Poetics: This English professor discusses cinema in the digital age.


Follow along with other film students on these blogs.

  1. AP at the Movies: Andrew Patrick Nelson is a PhD candidate in film studies at the University of Exeter.
  2. Will Scheibel: Will Scheibel researches popular film discourse in American cinema culture.
  3. Wright on Film: Benjamin Write is a film sound graduate student.
  4. Culturazzi: Culturazzi offers an oasis of the arts.
  5. Cinema without Organs: Matthew Holtmeier is pursuing his Film Studies PhD in Scotland.


These blogs will show you what researchers in film studies are currently finding.

  1. Anagnorisis: Catherine Grant’s blog explores recognition and discovery in film and literary culture.
  2. Deuzeblog: Mark Deuze shares his views on research, teaching, media life, and more.
  3. I Screen Studies: Ben Goldsmith’s blog is about all aspects of media production and beyond.
  4. Jamais Vu: Check out Jason Sperb’s blog to read the thoughts of a passionately ambivalent cinephile.
  5. Bigger Picture Research: Bigger Picture Research offers a no-nonsense look at film business research.


Get a look into film schools through these blogs.

  1. The Noodle: The Noodle is a blog for the Welling School Sixth Form Media and Film Studies.
  2. IUP Film Studies Blog: Stay up to date on film studies at IUP by reading this blog.
  3. ScreenSite: ScreenSite is written by the University of Alabama.


These film studies blogs focus on specific genres.

  1. The Acidemic Film Blog: Erich Kuersten focuses on acid cinema.
  2. Southeast Asian Film Studies Institute: This blog highlights the cinema of the Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries in Southeast Asia.
  3. Alfred Hitchcock Geek: This blogger believes Alfred Hitchcock will go down as the Shakespeare of the 20th century.
  4. Classic Maiden: This blogger studies the fan and pop culture of the 20th and 21st centuries.
  5. Cartoon Brew: Cartoon Brew is leading the animation conversation.
  6. Unspoken Cinema: Unspoken Cinema offers a journal for contemplative cinema.
  7. Cuaron Inspired: This blog aims to be an English-language web resource for Alfonso Cuaron.
  8. Koreanfilm: Koreanfilm offers a comprehensive introduction to Korean cinema.
  9. Bluegrass Film Society: Bluegrass Film Society shares resources, news, and more for Kentucky.
  10. The Bioscope: The Bioscope reports on the world of early and silent cinema.
  11. filmjourney: filmjourney is all about world cinema in Los Angeles and beyond.
  12. Cartoons on Film: You can study early animated film on this blog.
  13. Kinoblog: Kinoblog offers a survey of Central and European cinema.
  14. The Bourne Cinema Conspiracy: Christopher Bourne’s blog offers news and commentary on world cinema.
  15. Michael Barrier: Michael Barrier explores the world of animated films and comic art.
  16. Before Cinema: Before Cinema is an anthology of modern and experimental films.
  17. Women in World Cinema: Cathleen Rountree’s blog highlights women in global films.
  18. The Feminist Spectator: The Feminist Spectator looks at film and identity in humanity.
  19. From Robin Hood to Robin Askwist: Find explorations in British film from this blog.
  20. The Hands of Bresson: Damon Smith offers observations on the art of cinema and world film culture on The Hands of Bresson.
  21. Early & Silent Film: Check out this blog to study early and silent cinema.
  22. Dynamic Subspace: Dynamic Subspace offers a criticism of science fiction.


Learn about filmmaking from these blogs.

  1. Self-Reliant Film: Self-Reliant Film discusses small-crew, low-budget, and regional filmmaking.
  2. Directing Cinema: Catherine Grant’s blog explores film authorship and more.
  3. infinicine: Learn about distribution in the digital age for independent filmmakers on infinicine.
  4. CinemaTech: CinemaTech offers a look into digital cinema, democratization and remaking the movies.
  5. Media Praxis: Media Praxis integrates media theory, practice, and politics.
  6. What’s Going On?: What’s Going On? comments on contemporary issues and debates in the media, linked to media theory.
  7. Sean Cubitt’s Blog: Read Sean Cubitt’s blog for aphorisms and scribbled notes on the history and philosophy of media.
  8. Film Studies for Free: Film Studies for Free discusses Open Access digital scholarly materials for film and moving image studies.