100 Inspirational Blogs for Life After College

Aug 31st, 2009

For many college students, graduation and thereafter is the worst time of your twenties. You trade late night parties for early morning commutes and mom and dad’s monthly allowance is, well, gone. But growing up doesn’t have to be miserable and mundane; it can actually be rewarding and fun. Let these recession-proof blogs navigate you through post-college life from finding a killer first job, managing your finances to enjoying your independence, again.

Job Search and Career

Now that you’re entering the "real world," it’s time to find a job, or at least start looking for one. These blogs have job postings, interview advice and public forums to discuss any and all of your career questions and fears.

  1. Awesome and Unemployed . Although she’s employed now, Stefanie knows a thing or two about rejection and unemployment and her blog is dedicated to finding the best job for you.
  2. Lindsey Pollak. Lindsey Pollak, an experienced career educator and author of Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World, shares her career knowledge and job searching tips in this blog geared for young professionals.
  3. Modite. This blog offers advice on interviewing, career choices and entrepreneurship.
  4. Newly Corporate. Written by young professionals, this blog has informative articles to help you excel in your career and make you laugh in the meantime with funny videos and pictures.
  5. Beyond Graduation. Read timely articles about taking a job you’re over qualified for and how moving home can make a difference in you’re job hunt, as well as receive complimentary resume reviews on this helpful blog.
  6. Grad to Great Blog. This blog wants to help graduates find jobs now with tips on revamping resumes, securing interviews and career planning.
  7. College Recruiter Blog. Use this blog to hunt for internships and jobs listed on its job board, or read through thousands of career-related articles directed at college grads.
  8. Graduated and Clueless. Get the latest tips and advice on finding the right job path for you, and learn how to make long-term career goals more attainable.
  9. GrouperEye. Let this blog’s enormous job board be your guide to more than 400 different companies that rank as the top places for young people to work.
  10. The Vault. Any and all types of career topic are discussed here, such as career development, salary information and career changes.
  11. Movin’ On Up. This blog focuses on doing what you love to do and enjoying it fully with helpful tips and inspirational career articles.
  12. QuintCareers. Use this site’s extensive job-search resources or read articles and tutorials to find the best job for you.
  13. Alum Wire. Put your alumni status to good use on this job search site that allows companies, schools and alumni to interact.
  14. CareerAlley. Get career and job search advice from this young professional’s go-to blog.

Finances and Budget

Dealing with finances is one of the dreaded aspects of growing up, but it can also be a rewarding and beneficial lesson that you’ll use for life. These blogs present financial information and money-saving tips in a simple and effective way for beginners, debtors and financial gurus alike.

  1. Broke Grad Student. Destined to pay back $22,000 in student loans, this graduate documents his progress and gives tips on paying back student loan debt while making money online.
  2. Budgets are Sexy. Learn how to live a minimalist lifestyle, create emergency funds and set up a budget template on this informative, yet entertaining blog by J. Money.
  3. The Frugal Duchess. Get the latest on credit scams, read about free (and fun) activities and living on a budget.
  4. Grad Money Matters. Read frugal living articles, get personal finance advice and learn how to get out of debt and avoid it.
  5. Money Under 30. Written by an ex-financial journalist, this blog features ways to save money, how to build credit and use credit cards wisely.
  6. Get Rich Slowly. Learn how to slowly reach wealth by getting out of debt and earning more money on this informative blog.
  7. Five Cent Nickel. Get the low-down on protecting yourself from identity theft, learn how to save and invest money and balance your budget during this recession.
  8. I Will Teach You to be Rich. This young blogger, Ramit Sethi, wants to help young professionals and college graduates how to save money, invest wisely and be rich.
  9. StretchyDollar. Learn new ways to get the most out of your money and improve your spending habits.
  10. The Simple Dollar. This blog gives helpful tips on how to manage your money and plan for the future.
  11. MintLife Blog. Get personal finance advice about what to do with your money (or lack thereof) and how to save after college.
  12. Studenomics. This blog has articles on new ways to invest and how to avoid debt and other money scams.
  13. Man Vs. Debt. Read this young professional’s journey from debt to success as he shares some practical strategies to help you out of a financial bind and toward saving.

Goals and Success

When it comes to setting goals and being successful, there is no age limit. Find your inner passions, set goals and achieve them and find success with these helpful blogs that encourage dreaming big and working hard.

  1. Life Without Pants. This optimistic 23-year-old gives advice about embracing your passions and achieving your career and life goals without any regrets.
  2. The Big Dreamer. Mark, the blog author, gives you the tools and inspiration to achieve your dreams and reach success.
  3. The Change Blog. Learn how to manage changes in your life and dream big again with this evolving blog.
  4. Zen Habits. This blogger believes in setting and achieving goals with good (Zen) habits and learning from your mistakes to reach your dreams.
  5. Effortless Abundance. Read about the Law of Attraction and how it relates to our work, as well as the idea of achieving your goals without exerting much effort and over-working in this intriguing blog.
  6. Enlightr. This blog has articles about motivating yourself, prioritizing your goals and time management tips for success.
  7. LiteMind. Get tips on setting goals, avoiding procrastination and decision making that will help you go further in your work and life goals.
  8. Hundred Goal$. This blog is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals while managing their finances with helpful tips and personal stories.
  9. Motivate Thyself. Learn how to set goals that will get accomplished and reach success with careful planning and self-motivation.
  10. Climb. Reach. Achieve. Get inspired by other’s personal stories of success along with advice and motivational quotes.
  11. Success & Motivation. See what motivates Mark Cuban, an entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, to succeed in business on his personalized blog.

Self-Improvement and Happiness

During this transitional period, take the time to improve your overall health and happiness with optimistic thinking and attitude exercises found on these blogs.

  1. Small Hands, Big Ideas. Grace Boyle gives inspirational advice about happiness and success and shares the ups and downs of life after college.
  2. PickTheBrain. This self-improvement blog focuses on "personal productivity, motivation, and self education."
  3. PsyBlog: Understand Your Mind. Jeremy Dean explores how the human mind works and why we think and act a certain way, which may help in improving oneself.
  4. Seeing Good: The Bright Side of Life. Lori Deschene has the ability to turn a seemingly bad situation into a positive one with videos and inspirational stories that embrace life’s challenges.
  5. The Happiness Project. Read Gretchen Rubin’s 12 commandments to being happy, and get tips for feeling happier at work, in relationships and boosting your self-confidence.
  6. Think Simple Now. This blog has a variety of article topics, such as overcoming a rough week, how to find beauty in life and conquering fears.
  7. Dumb Little Man. Jay White shares his knowledge and tips on positivity, productivity and health and fitness routines that will keep your body and mind healthy.
  8. Five Daily Gratitudes. This blog shows readers how to use positive psychology to appreciate the good things in our daily lives with a free journal you can share with others.
  9. Command Your Time. Written by a 13-year-old who is wise beyond his years, this blog has articles about self-esteem, ways to be happy and self-fulfillment.
  10. Happiness Overhaul. Read uplifting articles about taking risks and learning from your faults to be happier in life.
  11. Your Personal Best. This blog has motivation, self discipline and leadership exercises that will get you motivated to make positive changes and be happier.

Further Education

If working isn’t your plan of action, maybe furthering your education is. Use these forums, preparation blogs and admissions consultations to decide if a master’s degree, a JD or even a second bachelor’s degree is within your reach.

  1. So you want to go to grad school?. This student forum is dedicated to helping students pursue their goals of going to grad school with helpful tips and advice.
  2. Admissions Consultants. Get the latest news and information on graduate school, medical school and law school.
  3. Happy Schools Blog. Find the best GRE test prep books, what schools will accept your score, how to get financial aid and more on this school prep blog.
  4. Idealist.org. This blog has a slew of articles about applying, preparing and starting grad school.
  5. Back to College. Join a student discussion forum about returning to college and ask the experts about your fears, financial questions and education plans.
  6. Beat the GMAT!. One GMAT test taker shares his study guides, strategies and additional prep material to help out future test takers for free.
  7. LSAT Blog. If you’re considering law school, check out this LSAT tutor’s blog that offers guides and advice on how to master the exam.
  8. Medical School Prep. If medical school is your next endeavor, visit this blog for MCAT prep guides, pre med information and advice about applying.
  9. Fast Web. If you’re on the fence about going to grad school or entering the working world first, this blog’s articles will help you make up your mind.
  10. Room for Debate. Columnists and professors discuss the pros and cons of pursuing a master’s degree during the recession and when student debt is a problem.

Lifelong Learning

Whether you start now or later, a commitment to lifelong learning is beneficial with age. These blogs focus on adult learning and how you can continue your education with classes or by exercising your brain on a daily basis.

  1. Blogged: Lifelong Learning. This blog has articles that encourage life long learning and continued education for recent graduates.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Life long Learning. Kevin Tew’s blog encourages people to “learn by doing” and “share the knowledge” to others.
  3. Mission to Learn. Get weekly news posts, tips about continuing your education and learn how to exercise your brain on a daily basis.
  4. Continuing Education. Deb Peterson blogs about adults going back to school and she gives advice on how to continue your education for life.
  5. Rick Osborn’s Continuing Education Blog. This blogger discusses adult education and continuing higher education for the young professional and elderly adult.
  6. Suite101. This blog covers many continuing education topics, such as online classes to evening degree programs and finding success at any age.
  7. eLearners.com. A community forum and blog that discusses education advancement through online and distance learning.
  8. The Adult Educator Blog. Read articles about the benefits of continued education and how to motivate adult learners.
  9. Classes and Careers. Get information about online schools and degrees, as well as furthering your job prospects with the help of continued education.
  10. Educated Nation. This blog discusses adult education and gives advice to college grads who want to keep learning.

Relationships and Social Life

Just because you won’t see your college buddies everyday doesn’t mean you will lose touch. Thanks to the plethora of social networking sites and Internet groups out there, you’ll have no problem staying connected with friends and making new ones in the meantime.

  1. College and University Blog. This blog discusses the benefits of joining your school’s alumni association and how to stay connected with classmates and your college with social networks and activities.
  2. College Aftermath. Get tips on how to keep in touch with college friends and maintain your social life.
  3. The Friendship Blog. Learn how to keep friends close and handle tough friendship problems with this advice blog.
  4. Christine Hassler Twenty Something Blog. This life coach is an expert in young professional’s problems, including relationships and love, in which she regularly offers advice and guidance.
  5. Live Your Ideal Life. Get relationship advice and tips on how to maintain friendships from this life coach.
  6. Love Eris. This blog explores the ups and downs of relationships and dating.
  7. YourMembership.com’s Blog. This community blog has articles and tips on how to stay connected to your college and alumni groups.
  8. Liz Lynch. Learn how to network online and in person to enhance your career search, and use social networking sites, like Facebook and MySpace to stay connected with friends and colleagues.
  9. The Social Networking Weblog. Read articles about social networking dos and don’ts and learn how to use networking sites for business and leisure.
  10. Social Web Blog. Check out Google’s social networking tools that help you stay connected with friends, such as Google Latitude, a service that tracks your friends and tells you what they’re doing.

Hobbies and Activities

Whether it’s a newfound interest in cooking, hiking or skydiving, this is the time to try new activities or adopt a fun hobby that will make you feel happy and healthy.

  1. CHOW. Get cool food and drink recipes and read stories about entertaining parties.
  2. The New York Times. Find unique recipes and read newsy articles about chefs, restaurants and food’s health benefits.
  3. Epi Log.Browse through the food dictionary or use the handy conversion chart on this helpful blog that provides more than just recipes.
  4. Cooking for One. Shop smart and cook well by yourself with this blog’s easy and affordable recipes.
  5. Exercise Blog. Read Paige Waehner’s exercise blog for ways to gain energy after work and stay fit after graduation.
  6. Fitness.com. Join one of many forums on this blog for fitness advice and inspiration to work out.
  7. Not so Boring Life. How does shark fishing, brewing beer or soap making sound to you? Find the hobby of your dreams on this fun-filled site with the "world’s largest list of hobbies."
  8. Great Hobbies Blog. Find new activities that relieve stress and add inspiration to your life, such as gardening, scrapbooking and photography.
  9. FanHouse. Get the latest news about your favorite sports teams and players or chat with other sports fanatics in forums.
  10. Outdoor Adventures Blog. This blog provides a list of numerous outdoor activities, equipment information and ideas for planning your next big adventures outside.

All Inclusive

These blogs literally cover all bases on life after college. From career decisions, financial stability to having fun, these sites make it easy to find information on a variety of topics and give tips to keep your post-grad life in check.

  1. Jenny Blake. This blog is a go-to guide for graduates looking for information about finances, work and happiness after college.
  2. College Grad Lessons. From time management to finding a home, Erin’s blog is filled with helpful tips and answers to your most important post-college questions.
  3. Gradspot. Learn how to perfect your resume, choose the best credit card or find a roommate on this all-inclusive graduate blog.
  4. Ramen Noodles, Rent, and Resumés . Get inspirational advice and tips on finding yourself after college from Kristen Fischer’s blog.
  5. The Mad Grad. This blog is filled with useful tips on how to find your dream job, find an ideal roommate and live on an entry-level salary.
  6. The Young Professional Blogs Aggregator. Browse through hundreds of articles and receive up-to-date news from other young professionals on this social media blog.
  7. Quarterlife Crisis. Get life, career and financial advice that cater to a twentysomething’s needs.
  8. Real World 101. This blog welcomes you to the real world with advice about home life, insurance and careers.
  9. Quarterlives. This blog is customized to the feelings and needs of college grads with articles about love, health and work life.
  10. The Lemon Life. The theme, "post-grad life with a twist," makes this blog inspirational and comical for those who aren’t ready to grow up yet.
  11. eCampusTours.com. This blog provides tips and advice on how to adapt to life changes after college, such as less free time, sleeping habits and managing finances.