100 Great Blogs That Young Writers Should Read

Oct 13th, 2009

To become successful in the world of arts, whether yours be painting or poetry, you have to stand out, know the right people, have the right tools, and be the best at what you do. And you must realize that everybody else in your shoes is trying to do the same thing. In other words, your journey to the top might not be easy, but with resources like the blogs below, you’ll see that there are more people on your side than you ever imagined.

Top Ten

These were voted the best of the best by internet voters and Michael Stelzner of Writing White Papers.

  1. Copyblogger: This site has been voted no. 1 for several years, and is full of daily information writers can’t afford to miss.
  2. Men with Pens: These guys have a set of skills to help you achieve your writing goals.
  3. Write to Done: Here, the creator of Zen Habits shares his secret to writing success.
  4. Editor Unleashed: The former editor-in-chief of Writer’s Digest magazine helps other writers make their way to the top.
  5. Freelance Writing Jobs: This famous network is a job search for writers like no other.
  6. Confident Writing: Stop wondering if your book, blog, or poem is "good enough." Know that it is with help from this great site.
  7. Urban Muse: This young fearless female writer is more than happy to share her writing wisdom and hopes you sign up for her monthly museletter.
  8. Wordcount: Learn all about freelancing in the digital age.
  9. Quips and Tips for Successful Writers: The name doesn’t steer you wrong. You know exactly what you’ll get every time you follow this link.
  10. Fuel your Writing: Writers block can be a thing of the past; just go to this site and renew your passion for writing.

Aspiring Authors

These bloggers are working hard to get their best work published.

  1. The Desperate Writer: This writer and cosmetologist shares her stories on this blog, both personal and creative.
  2. Incurable Disease of Writing: Blogger Missy is getting her degree in creative writing and posts about her experiences on this site.
  3. Emerging Writers Network: If you’re just getting started in your writing career, check out this site to learn about the ins and outs of writing and about other writers working towards success.
  4. Ficticity: Check out this site to find posted stories, writing tips and even a few book reviews.
  5. Authors’ Blogs: This isn’t just one blog, but a collection of numerous aspiring writers sites, so you can take your pick of reading material.
  6. Plot Monkeys: These four bloggers talk about everything from their everyday lives to the books they love.
  7. Maternal Spark: Moms who love to write or create on the side.
  8. Ask Allison: This blog written by Allison Winn Scotch is in question and answer form and has a vast amount of information about the business of writing.
  9. Writers Write: Your one-stop resource for information about publishing.
  10. The Debutante Ball: A great group blog for debut authors.


These bloggers share their favorite classic and contemporary poetry as well as their own, which provides hours of endless reading.

  1. World Class Poetry Blog: Postings and critiques of 21st century poems.
  2. Paul Hoover’s Poetry: This poet and blogger shares his poems, essays about poetry, and thoughts about the art.
  3. The Social Poets: Original poems, funny quotes, news, intelligent politics, common sense and humor.
  4. How a Poem Happens: Contemporary poets discuss the writing of poems.
  5. The Projector is Ripping Your History: Award-winning poet Keith Montesano shares his own poems and opines about the work of other contemporary writers.
  6. Chicks Dig Poetry: Sandra Beasley showcases her prize-winning poetry.
  7. Poetry Instigator: This wonderfully helpful site is brimming with poetry and writing prompts to get those creative juices flowing.
  8. One Poet’s Notes: Edward Byrne recommends readings and responds to recent writings of contemporary poetry and poetics.
  9. Nothing to Say and Saying It: Contemporary poet John Gallaher delivers his works and leaves them open for comment, so feel free to chime in.
  10. New Femme Fatale: Sara (last name not given) shares her love of poetry, music, feminism, and her child. Her writing itself is music, poetry, feminism and life, all in one.
  11. Ron Silliman: A blog focused on contemporary poetics.
  12. 1,000 Voices: A collection of experimental poetry.
  13. Average Poet: An ameteur poet and ebook writer posts his proudest work.
  14. Clockwork Lightning: Longtime writer Rcat has a poem or two worth reading here.
  15. The Best American Poetry: Read the poems and poets who win The Best American Poetry Contest.
  16. The Poetry Blog: Experience world-class poetry at this well-established blog.
  17. Dana Gioia: Poems and essays by internationally recognized writer Dana Gioia.
  18. Humming Bunny: Author Brian Fowler shares his poetry and prose.
  19. Blogsboro Poetry Club: Promotes blogging poets around the world.
  20. Joy’s Poetry Blog: This poetry lover keeps her blog updated with tons of personal poetry and life lessons.

Be a Better Writer

Get some tips on becoming a better writer from these blogs.

  1. Becoming a Writer Seriously: Aspiring writers can find all kinds of helpful advice and guidance on this blog.
  2. WordSwimmer: Learn to understand the writing process a little better with a little help from blogger Bruce Black. There are loads of interviews with authors as well as suggestions on improving your writing.
  3. Time to Write: Blogger Jurgen Wolff wants to strike a creative spark in writers of all kinds by providing tips and inspiration here.
  4. Flogging the Quill: Check out this blog to learn more about the craft of creative storytelling.
  5. Six Sentences: What can you write in six sentences? Share your attempt at this writing exercise on this blog.
  6. Luc Reid: From tips on finding time to practice writing to information about the publishing industry, you’ll find loads of helpful posts on this blog.
  7. Write a Better Novel: Make sure whatever you write receives the attention it deserves when time comes to get it published. This blog provides all kinds of information on creating a better novel, no matter the subject.
  8. Write Better: Here you’ll find a wide range of writing tips to get your creative writing in top shape.
  9. Clear Writing with Mr. Clarity: Learn to get to the point and write clearly and concisely whether you’re writing a letter at work or working on a book.
  10. Mike’s Writing Workshop: This blogger is all about posting things that can help writers get better and get inspired.

Edit Your Work

These blogs will show you which writing mistakes to look for and how to fix them.

  1. Evil Editor: This editor might be evil, but the tips provided on this blog can really help you refine your stories.
  2. Blue Pencil Editing: This blog is both a good resource for working editors and and writers in search of a little guidance.
  3. Editing and Proofreading Hints and Tips: Get simple tips on improving your editing process from this blog.
  4. Headsup: the blog: Here you’ll find posts about the sometimes frustrating world of editing and learn what not to do.
  5. Grammarphobia: This site offers readers the chance to ask their own grammar and language questions and get answers.
  6. Apostrophe Abuse: Think you know how to use the apostrophe? This blog might teach you otherwise.
  7. Daily Writing Tips: Get some daily advice on how to improve the basics of your writing.
  8. ProWriting Tips: This blog is home to numerous grammar and writing tips.
  9. The Engine Room: JD, a copy editor, runs this blog all about language use that can help you get a handle on your usage.
  10. Cheryl Norman, Grammar Cop: If you’ve got some questions about grammar that need answering, visit this blog.
  11. English4Today: Get a handle on the English language through the guidance of blogger Anthony Hughes.

Get Published

The ultimate goal for many students and professionals working on creative writing is to get their best works published. These blogs can help you learn about the business, get your work out there, or even publish it yourself.

  1. Guide to Literary Agents: Get some tips on where and how to find a literary agent to represent your work when the time comes.
  2. Beacon Literary Services: Emerging writers and those with a little experience under their belts alike can take advantage of the publishing advice offered here.
  3. Questions and Quandaries: This Writers Digest blog answers a wide variety of questions about publishing.
  4. Writer Beware: While you may be desperate to get your work out there make sure you protect yourself from scams. The information in this blog can help you stay safe.
  5. The Swivet: Colleen Lindsay is a literary agent and you can read her reactions to recent publications and if you meet her requirements even submit your own work.
  6. The Rejecter: This blogger isn’t a literary agent but an assistant to one, the person you’ll have to go through to get your work published, and she posts all about her work on this blog.
  7. Booksquare: This blog works to dissect the publishing industry so you can learn it inside and out.
  8. Pubrants: Literary agent Kristen blogs about everything publishing from queries to working with writers.
  9. Nathan Bransford Literary Agent: Want to know more about literary agents and the publishing world? Check out this blog.
  10. Practicing Writing: This blog posts plenty on writing advice as well as the latest publishing opportunities.
  11. Bob Baker’s Full-Time Author Blog: Thinking of making the leap to being a full-time writer? This blog can be a great resource on publishing your own book to set the stage.
  12. Future Perfect Publishing: Explore all the possibilities for publishing that are out there through the help of this blog by Tom Masters.

Fiction Writing

Everybody loves a great novel, especially the publishers who make money off of them. Learn how to make yours worth reading with the help of these expert bloggers.

  1. Post-Apocalyptic Publishing: Emam Newman shares her sci-fi works in progress.
  2. The Word: Alan Baxter allows readers to see his horrifying short stories.
  3. The Book Deal: Business advice from an editor who has made the rounds.
  4. Writer Unboxed: This group blog offers publishing advice, interviews and news from the biggest names in publishing.
  5. Advanced Fiction Writing: The blog of award-winning novelist Randy Ingermanson.
  6. Fiction Writer’s Journey: Writing coach Emily Hanlon teaches her readers how to reclaim their passion for creation.
  7. Angela Booth’s Fiction Writing Blog: Booth covers all the bases in this blog, from getting to know your fictional characters to speed writing for deadline.
  8. Science Fictioin Novelists: A group of science fiction and fantasy authors who want to share their love of the genre.
  9. Wyrdsmiths: This fiction writing group blog from the Twin Cities is full of news you can use in your craft.
  10. Kim’s Craft: Hone yours like Kim does, and you’ll see your writing abilities blossom before your eyes.


You don’t have to have a full-time position to make money from your writing. Work from the comfort of your own home, and get paid for all your hard work.

  1. All Freelance Writing: If it’s freelance information you need, look no further.
  2. Bad Language: Matthew Stibbe’s blog about writing, technology and marketing.
  3. Bizzia: This site is made specifically for business freelancers.
  4. The Copywriter Underground: This network has everything you need for copywriting success.
  5. Daily Freelance Writing Tips: With more and more freelancers joining the field, you’ll need to improve every day if you want to published. It’s easier done than said, as long as you follow the tips on this ite.
  6. Fab Freelancing: Make your freelance work stand above the crowd.
  7. GrammarBlog: Don’t be the laughing stock at the publication to which you submit your work. Make sure it’s perfect, from beginning to end.
  8. The Renegade Writer: Get quick tips here for wonderful freelancing.
  9. Well-Fed Writer: Like any other artist, people will expect you to be bone-thin when you tell them you’re a writer. But you don’t have to starve or be poor, as long as you’re good enough. Find out how to make that happen here.
  10. Will Write for Chocolate: At the end of the day, a writer is only a writer if he or she wants to be, and if there’s true passion involved.

Technical Writing

You might not always get to write what you love, but working 9-5 doesn’t make you a sell-out. Use your skills to help out a corporation, and they’ll likely pay you what you deserve. Learn why every writer should do it, and how to make it work for you, by clicking the links below.

  1. Business Writing Blog: Check out this blog on business writing with expert advice and examples.
  2. Write Better in Business : Best practices from business writing gurus.
  3. Wordbiz: Blogging and social media expert Debbie Weil shows her business readers how to make the perfect business blog.
  4. Businessweek: Get the latest trends on business writing. This blog offers clear and easy-to-understand tips on the how to write with clarity.
  5. Manage Your Writing: This blog is updated weekly with a new tip or tool to use to improve your business writing.
  6. The Business Insider: Expert insights, advice, and trend spotting by Tim Rosa Associates.
  7. Business Writing Info: A business writing blog offering tips and expert advice to improve your business writing skills.